The launch of a new group!

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Feb 25, 2015 00:30
Good evening my friends,
I have created a new group which name is ''Discuss English Everyday!''
I'll appreciate it if you check and join it, and invite your friends too.
This is the description I wrote for this group :

Hello my friends,
Allow me to welcome you all to this group! ^^
In here, you can write about any English word, expression, idiom, question or idea you either want to ask about or share it with everybody else.
You can also write about any topic you like or ask any thing you find hard to understand and we will discuss it together and hear your opinions as well.
But, please make sure that you participate ''EVERYDAY'' for this is the only purpose of this group to begin with, and only by this way, your language will improve faster.
So, let's all help each other out and exchange our knowledge, questions and language experiences here.

Note : please invite you friends too, so we can be one BIG family. \(^o^)/

Thank you so much in advance :)