Hayabusa2 Touched Down Twice

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Jul 12, 2019 12:06
Hayabusa2 is a Japanese asteroid probe that was launched four years ago. It is currently orbiting around an asteroid called Ryugu. Yesterday, it succeeded its second touchdown on the star to get a certain amount of tiny rocks and sand particles.

The touchdown point was where the probe had made an artificial crater by shooting a lump of metal. It is expected to appear inner rocks on the surface as a result of the explosion, and the substance has not been exposed by cosmic-ray for a long time. Therefore, it will be very important evidence to study them to reveal the history of our solar system.

The JAXA team had a long discussion whether they should make the trial. If it failed, the precious samples the probe previously obtained would be lost, and their entire project would come to nothing. But they made a step forward with an unshakable confidence. I’d like to send an applause to their courageous decision.
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