It's only 4 days before I go to Italy.

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May 29, 2019 08:17
It's only 4 days before I go to Italy.

My departure from here will be on sunday afternoon then my airplane follows travel to its destination at Malpensa airport in Milan.
I'm so excited. Unfortunately I will have to work right away on monday.
I will meet my new Italian boss for the second time. Concerning my co-workers, they're all Italian and I'm pretty sure that I will see again some of the person I worked with in the past.
I know that the working method will be a little bit different from it used to be since I will follow the production up more closely.
I also know that I will have to take some Italian lessons to improve my lack of vocabulary because English isn't their forte and I will earn their trust faster. As is I know the Italian grammar bases, I guess it won't take me a lot of time to talk almost like a native.