Today, I get up early.

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Jan 13, 2018 21:12
Today, I get up early. Chatting some messages to my shool’s friends, I begin for “class hour”. When I come to school I found that is late. Before my attendance here, I have been buying gifts for my teachers. They were happied by my presents. Then I going to go schools concert. I felt that it was better than past concerts. It is bring me some fun.
I went to market, because I was hangry. Oh, sorry, I forgot say that my friend Rita was at my side!
Buying a food we start call and chat messages to our’s friends. They (everybody!) have a deal. Coffee had been drunk by me was delicious and it brings me a good idea- go to Moscow City Centre. (I do not want to wait my friend, becouse, I think that one going to “my haters” home for a rave).
I bought a oyster (ticket), set on a train and rode to this place. When train is in, I change to Moscow Metro (underground). This metro’s ride was speedy...
Write it later...
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