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Although "etc." replaces other nouns or verbs, it is a very ambiguous word. It is not correct to write "and etc."
In order to fix this, we simply bring "and" to the previous example in your sentence:
" and distributors can share their ideas, discuss them with each other, and vote for ideas, etc."
I am not an English teacher, so I am not very well suited to explaining why this is, but it's just something I know as a native speaker. :)

This website mentions that "etc.", which is actually spelled et cetera, already has "and" within the word (et=and). "...and etc." = "...and and..."

I hope this helps a little bit!

Feb 9, 2018 03:28 Public Here are the most important...
  • 慕っている人はいます。
  • 慕っている好きないます。
  • 1)慕っている has this nuance of someone lesser, dedicate one's feeling to the superior or older. A young woman might 慕う her guru, her professor. A dog could 慕う his/her master. 2) Normally 「が」particle fits well with います。 Yet, there is a case you use 「は」 for high lighting one particular thing. 好きな人がいます just simply means " I got someone in my mind, I have someone I love.", while, 好きな人「は」います menas, Yes, I, too, have someone in my mined, but... When a native Japanese hears you say 「好きな人はいます」、 then he/she definately asks you or wonders: OK, so, what else do you want to tell me now?

Feb 7, 2018 22:48 Public 逢いたい人
OK! ~にとって = for ~ / to ~ That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. これは一人の人間にとっては小さな一歩だが, 人類にとっては大きな飛躍である。 That became a good experience for me. それは私にとっていい経験になった。 She is everything to him. 彼にとって彼女は全てです。


色々考えましたけど、結局は日本語で書こうと決めました。下手な日本語ですみません。でもその理由は多分EINさんと同じで、日本語が今の私にとって一番余裕のある言葉なんでしょう。   昨日そのメッセージを見て、びっくりしました。「それは絶対私の話でしょう。」と、私は思いました(もし間違ったらごめんね笑)。うつ病のことは初めて聞きました。一刻でも早く治れるように、そのためにこの手紙を書きました。今までずっとEINさんが心強い人だと思ってましたが、どうやら違うようです。  ...

Mar 4, 2017 12:49 Public 元カノへのメール
どういたしまして。 ×「お元気でいますか?」 ○「お元気ですか?」 そして、私は元気ですよ!
Either the original entry has been deleted or you don't have access to it.
Japanese Senetences


Jan 18, 2017 15:15 Public Shiritori: しりとり

I’m just one of them #1612

There are more than 7 billion human beings on the earth, and I’m one of them. There are about 125 million Japanese people, and I’m one of them. I think you have many friends, and I might be one of them. Every human-beings should di...

Dec 14, 2016 10:59 Public I’m just one of them #1612
Either the original entry has been deleted or you don't have access to it.

A Confusing Expression - じゃないけれども

Noted in the title, "じゃないけれども"、Japanese people often use it on daily conversations. The expressions has the rule like "A じゃないけれども B". That means that it is less than A, but B. For example; 「僕は、日本好き、じゃないけれども、日本のことについて凄く興味があります。」 ...

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