Far Relative

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Nov 7, 2008 16:19
Recently,Cholera is spreading in Hai Nan province in China.I know little of this disease.People say that it is relative to the water after a flood.So far,there have been lots of people involved in the disaster.Authority of Hai Nan province has quarantined Hai Nan University because seventy relating cases appeared, where my elder brother study.
I am very anxious about him.Then I call him to acquaint myself with the circumstance there.He tells me that he is well ,but the situation is not optimatic.There were eight canteens and now just two left.They have to eat instant noodles for instead.
Fortunately,today I'm glad to hear that there are several people recovering from the illness.And I believe that everything will be better tomorrow.I miss you my brother and I will be with you forever.