Strone Age Hotpot

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May 29, 2019 14:46
How early human could evolve big brains with complex thought and learn to use advanced stone tools has been remained as a mystery until recently, the scientists argue that the evolution of human brains is related to hot springs during the stone age.

It is believed that the invention of cooking has enhanced the capability of extracting efficiently nutrients from cooked food and thus saved the energy for early humans to develop larger brains. Yet current evidence shows that the controlled fire stretches back no more than 790,000 years.

Recently reserchers have found some distinctive biological molecules which could bear an aqatic environment with 85 - 95°C after analising 1.7m-year-old sandstones formed in anacient river at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, a region famous for large number of human fossils alongside with sophisticated stonetools. They hypothesize that the region was once filled with hot springs that could help simmer meat and roots in the pre-fire age, as much like nowaday's hotpot, but only in a stone age way.